Reasons behind Homelessness for Young People

Young people often leave there homes due to family violence, mental health issues and or substance misuse. They often couch surf, live in cars or can be in temporary accommodation.  Young people make up 24% of the homeless population of Australia. Youth-homelessness-fact-sheet.pdf

Impact of Homelessness on Young People

Young people who are homeless often experience poor mental health, poverty, social isolation. They are likely to turn to crime and have involvement with the Juvenile Justice system.  Without early intervention young people are likely to be homeless as adults.  With no fixed address,  access to showers or a place to wash their cloths,  it is difficult to go to school or get a job.

How can we Help

We need to help young people at a Community level and an individual level.  Young people need safe and secure affordable accommodation.  They need support to keep that accommodation through participation in training, employment, health support and also support from the wider Community to give them a sense of belonging.

For more information on ending homelessness read Council to Homeless People Framework for ending Homelessness.


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