In late 2013 Youth Link established an outreach office in Kuranda on the Atherton Tablelands as a placed based response to a range of youth concerns and issues in the community.

Youth Cre8 Kuranda Program

The Youth Cre8 Program initiative provides specialised targeted groups and programs connecting young people to services, family, community and empowering them towards a positive vision of their future goals and dreams.  Youth Cre8 provides a safe space and platform to deliver a range of opportunities for young people to participate in:

  • arts,
  • music,
  • culture and
  • dance activities,

whilst concurrently supporting the provision of:

  • information,
  • education
  • Lifestyle and
  • Self development

Aims and Objectives

To cre8 and Celebr8 a safe place collaboratively:

  • provide the opportunity for young people to explore culture, art, dance and music
  • provide young people with a range of supports
  • provide inspiration, expression, learning and opportunity
  • provide the opportunity for a collaborative and harmonious integration of support services with creative, cultural, artistic and community driven initiatives

On-line Resources, art exhibitions and promotional movies

In partnership with a number of organisations, and staff  young people at Cre8 Kuranda have produced a number of fantastic on-line resources, art exhibitions and promotional movies.  These can be checked out by following the links below: