Centre Based Access and Support

Specialist Homlessness Support and Accommodation

The Centre Based Access and Support Program is seen as a 'one stop shop'.  A Youth Hub for young people at risk of and or experiencing homelessness with a variety of options and services under the one roof.  Our Centre Based service allows young people to take ownership of a space that is youth friendly and safe.  This space is called our 'Drop in'.  Young people are able to hang out, take a breather from the world and make contact with workers trained to support their particular needs. Youth Link utilises the 'Drop in' Space as a strategy to engage young people and encourage access to a large variety of services.  The 'Drop In' space facilitates access to Housing and Health Programs.   A Doctor, Nurse and Support Workers are available from these programs. 

The 'Drop In' space provides:

  • Access to Specialised Homelessness Services
  • Access to Queensland Housing Information Platform (QHIP referral tool)
  • Access to Specialist Homeless Information Platform (SHIP case management system)
  • Support and Crisis Referral Options
  • Community Information
  • Cooking facilities
  • A stocked kitchen
  • Food packs
  • Hygiene Resources
  • Baby packs
  • Emergency Relief Material Aid
  • Swags
  • Shower facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Emergency Relief Material Aid
  • Cloths (including baby cloths)
  • Furniture donations
  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Phone
  • Client Mail facilitates
  • Art Groups
  • Music - Instruments

This space is an entry point for young people to informally make contact with Housing and Health Programs and also facilitates a contact space where other community services may provide outreach supports to the target group.