Needle and Syringe Programs have been in operation in Australia since 1986 and are a key component of current and previous National Strategies for reducing blood borne viral infections and sexually transmitted infections.  the aims of the National Strategies are to reduce the transmission of HIV, hepatis B and C and STI's and to reduce the associated morbidity, mortality and personal and social impacts.  Each National Strategy outlines a set of indicators for monitoring progress towards these aims, with reporting against these indicators through the National Surveillance and Monitoring Plan a key step in the implementation process.  Needle and Syringe Programs are also a key element of the harm reduction framework outlined in the National Drug Strategy.

Prevention and Testing Program 

Needle and Syringe Program, Hep C and Blood Born Virus Project

Youth Link uses a Harm Reduction Strategy for minimizing harm associated with drug use which includes:

  • Providing accurate information on issues and the harms associated with them
  • Promoting alternative methods to use to promote the concept of choice in actions
  • Providing skills for people to be able to 'do 'safely
  • Promoting options and easy public access to resources
  • Promoting and supports access to appropriate services
  • Focusing on the potential harms rather than the issue itself